Rappahannock Oyster Co.

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Celebrating the Chesapeake Bay and its native shellfish since 1899

Mon - Fri 8am - 5 pm Rappahannock Oyster Co. Farms are operational year round and are harvested daily for fresh delivery and shipping Order today by visiting http://www.rroysters.com/wholesale

Professional Distinction: Demonstrations, Exhibition, Wholesale Production

About Rappahannock Oyster Co.:

In 2001, when Ryan and Travis Croxton set out to revive their grandfather’s oyster company, the Chesapeake Bay had just recorded its lowest oyster harvest in history. Nearly all of the oysters being processed in the Bay were being trucked in from the Gulf of Mexico. But for a few enterprising individuals, the industry was headed for utter collapse. So their mission seemed clear: to resurrect the native Bay oyster and put it back on the map. Just a little over a decade later, Virginia is seeing harvest tallies not witnessed in a generation, and she now leads the entire East Coast in oyster production.

In no way is that due to any one company, but rather due to an inspiring collective of farmers, chefs, patrons, activists, and politicians who’ve put purpose ahead of profit. The Chesapeake once again enjoys its place among the great oyster regions of the world - this time, on a foundation of sustainability. For their part in that, they’re immensely proud of their history and their amazing and irreplaceable staff.

Today, Rappahannock River Oysters has a new mission: to celebrate good food grown well … or put another way, to celebrate a community of like-minded friends. Because it’s always been about more than just oysters. It’s about good people doing great things.

How We Do It

Our oysters are grown in open waters, right next to the wild oysters - the only difference being that we grow them in cages so that come harvest time there’s no destruction of the fragile river-bottom. During their growth-cycle, we monitor salt and temperature levels, guard against disease, cull out slow growers and misshapen shells, all to ensure that you get a consistently healthy, attractive, and succulent oyster. Each oyster is hand-selected and placed directly into an iced-down shipping container or loaded onto refrigerated trucks, destined for next-day delivery. As certified shellstock shippers, we assure you that our oysters are delivered fresh and delicious. That’s more than a pledge. We guarantee 100% satisfaction, or your money back.


Ryan and Travis Croxton




784 Locklies Creek Rd
Topping, VA 23169

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