Tom’s Cove Aquafarms

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Farm Raised Oysters and Clams from the Ideal Waters off Chincoteague Island

About Tom’s Cove Aquafarms:

Tom’s Cove Aquafarms are proud to offer the finest and freshest shellfish harvested from the cool, clear waters found around the historic seafood town of Chincoteague Island, Virginia.

Our native species oysters or “Salts” are carefully grown in off-bottom culture systems, ensuring a clean, uniform shell product. These oysters are cultured in areas that offer optimum growth, yielding a firm meat product. Since they are hand raised in suspended nets, they are free of sand and silt.

Tom’s Cove Aquafarms has been successfully raising hard clams since 1994. Our clam operation is located in a natural cove that receives a twice daily tide flow from the Atlantic ocean rendering our hand raised clams clean and silt free with a sweet, slighty salty taste.

All shellfish grown at, and shipped from, Tom’s Cove Aqua Farms is carefully handled and personally inspected. Our products fully meet national HACCP quality control requirements. Our goal is to make sure our customers receive only the finest and freshest shellfish available.

Chincoteague shellfish continues to command respect among seafood connoisseurs worldwide. At Tom’s Cove Aquafarms, we are proud to uphold that tradition of excellence.


Thomas E. Clark




7466 Lighthouse Ln
Chincoteague, VA 23336

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